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From the Sea,

To the Streets

Deckplate Diesel was founded in 2019, by Company Owner and ASE Master Technician Joshua Seley (who goes by Josh). Prior to the incorporation of Deckplate Diesel, Josh served 2 enlistments in the United States Navy as a GSE mechanic (working on tow tractors, fire trucks, and cranes) where he achieved the rank of E-6. Following his career in the Navy, Josh has continued to hone his skills as a civilian diesel technician working for 3 different trucking fleets, also utilizing his Class A CDL to assist with driving and delivery of products. For more on Joshua Seley connect with him on LinkedIn at:


At Deckplate Diesel, we stay true to our roots by providing fast, reliable, and professional service. It is our mission that every customer's issue is handled safely and with great attention to detail. From start to finish, you will see how Deckplate Diesel's "Military-like" preparation paves the path for your success on the streets ahead.

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